2nd Workshop in Lesvos, Greece on an Integrated Management Protocol for the Production of Olives


The 2nd Workshop in Lesvos (Greece) took place on March 8th, 2015 and provided concrete answers and actions to the issues raised in the 1st Workshop on the links between the traditional agricultural practices and their benefits for Lesvos’ landscape preservation.

On the theme “Integrated management of olives and their landscapes on Lesvos”, the various stakeholders discussed the functions of the Knowledge Hub. In addition, they exchanged on the implementation of the innovative Integrated Management Protocol introduced by the University of Aegean which is specifically adapted to the agricultural situation of Lesvos.

Concrete solutions were found to preserve the Lesvos landscape and traditional olive agriculture, which are part of Lesvos’ local identity. The olive farmers of the social enterprise MODOUSA have already begun to implement the Integrated Management. They will continue to assist the local HERCULES group in this mission, as well as the University, which is preparing a checklist and a website of the system. The goal of this project is to produce high quality olives and olive oil, while preserving the landscape and biodiversity of Lesvos.

This productive involvement in the Workshop resulted in the promise that the next workshop of HERCULES, planned in spring 2016, will see this protocol-certification system ready for implementation. The social enterprise MODOUSA is already discussing means to disseminate the knowledge required for its management practices.

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