2nd Workshop in Colmenar Viejo, Spain on Good Landscape Practices


After productive discussions in the 1st Workshop on the links between humans’ well-being and the natural environment that surrounds them, the 2nd HERCULES Workshop in Colmenar Viejo (Spain) took place on April 10th, 2015 and addressed the following topic: “Good landscape practices: how to preserve our landscapes?”.

To begin the workshop, Julio Enrique García presented his research work on Colmenar Viejo’s drove roads and paths through historic cartography and documents. He was followed by 3 presentations by María García Martín and Karl-Heinz Gaudry, who presented respectively the definition and typology of the concept of good landscape practices and the Knowledge Hub as a tool to share examples of the latter concept.

Building upon the definition given by the HERCULES research team of WP1 and 6, the debate focused mainly on the concept of best practices, its precise criteria, and the utilities of the KH as a platform to exchange good landscape practices on a European scale.

This fruitful debate raised many issues which shall be addressed in the next months and before the workshop of October 2015:

  • Taking into consideration “avoiding bad practices” in the good practices criteria;
  • Including in the good practices criteria a criterion based on the creation of “economic added-value to a landscape”. Precisely define what is considered an “economic added-value”, since the interpretations of this notion differ from one sector to the other;
  • Other types of good practices should include those achieving a good balance between the use, on one hand, and the conservation of a landscape’s values on the other hand;
  • The “innovativeness” and “transferability” criteria should not be included because they exclude practices that could be considered as good ones;
  • Finally, define precisely the “Long Lifetime” criterion and the concept of “economic viability” that lies behind.

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