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Knowledge Hub (for Good Landscape practice) is a platform, which ensures efficient collecting, archiving, using, sharing, and distributing data and project results amongst project partners, stakeholders and the general public. It acts as a major toolkit for communication of HERCULES insights and at the same time provide the means for collecting feedback and input through crowdsourcing tools. To maximize the outreach of the project results, the Knowledge Hub will enable landscape practitioners, managers, users, policymakers, and the public to:

  • understand the importance and implications of the protection, management, and planning of cultural landscapes
  • map, assess, protect, and manage the functions, services, and values of cultural landscapes at local scale
  • identify adequate areas of activity to protect and manage landscapes of historic and archaeological value
  • define the necessary process steps to implement good landscape practices on the ground
  • evaluate the promises and pitfalls of various landscape practices
  • appraise the effects of landscape practices on landscape functions, services, and values

Within the Knowledge Hub, there are THEMES such as different Awards, Projects and Good Landscape Practices. The THEME contains general information (INFO) and more descriptive information (CONTENT). The CONTENT is always linked to GPS location, where one can find specific location of the place or attributes that are directly connected to the area or point.

To watch tutorial ‘how to use the Knowledge Hub’, click HERE.

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