4th workshop in Colmenar Viejo, Spain on The Study Area Results


HERCULES researchers visited Colmenar Viejo, Spain this time to present the results of the work related to the area.

The municipality of Colmenar Viejo was chosen as one of the study landscapes in the project 3 year ago. Since then the partners have visited the area, conducted several interviews with locals, and held several workshops in order to better understand how they perceive landscape and landscape change. Colmenar Viejo is one of the study landscapes where urbanization is the biggest driver of landscape change due to the vicinity of Madrid. Citizens move out from the capital searching for a home close to the countryside. 

The series of discussions helped HERCULES researchers better understand the interactions between the different stakeholders and to gain insights on how social capital affected landscape change. They found that despite differences, similarities can emerge, and social capital provides the template for personal and collective evaluation of landscape changes.




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