2nd Workshop in Vooremaa & Kodavere parish, Estonia on Local Landscape Features and Heritage


The second workshop in Kodavere/Vooremaa area, Western Estonia, provided instructive answers to the questions raised during the first workshop of October 2014.

Indeed, the questionnaire realized during the first workshop offered feedback on the local landscape features that the population values the most. Their identification brought the project one step further as it enables the HERCULES team and the stakeholders to assess and tackle the issues more precisely.

Historical heritage, but also activity places like old farm sites, cattle paths, etc. were recognized as being core values of the area, mainly threatened by certain legal restrictions (on traditional slash-and-burn agriculture and farming in archaeologic areas).

To protect this historical heritage, progress in the Knowledge Hub was shown (with geo-located and described pictures, digitized land use maps progress from WP3), and different important landscape projects were presented:

  • Liis Pärtelpoeg promoted the Onion Route, a touristic project connecting different tourism-related institutions on the shore of Lake Peipsi;
  • Eevi Treial was encouraged for her work on the protection of the Kodavere dialect and the publication of her Kodavere dialect study book;
  • Helgi Vaga got valuable feedback for her project on collecting old photographs of people who live and have lived in the farms of the Assikvere village.

The dedication of the stakeholders was rewarded by an advertisement in the local newspaper. This work will continue in the next Workshop, organized in spring 2016.

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