Final Conference


Date: October 4, 2016 
Location: Residence Palace
Title: 'Sustainable futures for Europe's heritage in cultural landscapes: Applying a landscape approach to land-use science and policy'

The adoption of the European Landscape Convention (ELC) has attracted attention from the sciences, policy makers and the general public but it has not yet managed to effect the formulation of common solutions to the main challenges facing European society today. The HERCULES project has underlined the importance of applying an holistic, multi-scalar and inter-disciplinary approach to effective research and understanding of rural landscapes in Europe. The next step would be to apply a ‘landscape approach’ to support their long term sustainability, i.e. respecting and enabling their inherent dynamics, cultural specificities and multi-agency nature. Having a landscape approach at the centre of policy and governance models will be a more effective way of accommodating and managing the competition and interdependencies for natural resources, cultural heritage values and ecosystem services among the Sustainable Development Goals and among land users. Governance and policy need to take into account the socio-economic factors at work in the landscape as well as the biophysical, in addition to the culture(s) of the people living and working within it.

The conference comprised of two panel discussions; first on landscape science, more concretely on understanding the dynamics of cultural landscapes in Europe, addressed by Guy Robinson, Editor of the journal Land Use Policy; second on how can we apply a landscape approach to land use policies addressed by Sara J. Scherr, President and CEO of EcoAgriculture Partners.

The conference was followed by a Workshop giving insights from the HERCULES project. 

ELO (2016): Sustainable futures for Europe’s heritage in cultural landscapes: Applying a landscape approach to land-use science and policy. Countryside Magazine 165.




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