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Photo contest about the landscapes of Colmenar Viejo

Photo contest about the landscapes of Colmenar Viejo

Subject: Colmenar Viejo is a village in Spain that is actively working to promote and preserve the cultural and natural values of its territory. Due to its location in the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Madrid, many people would not expect to find the outstanding landscapes Colmenar Viejo has to offer. To show the world its beautiful dehesas, rivers and hills, its medieval church and its outstanding sites and vistas; the village has organised a photo contest about the landscapes of Colmenar Viejo, with a price that will for sure catch the attention of the most intrepid international photographers: a trip to Antarctica on a sailing boat. For more information about the photo contest please visit: http://ecolmenarviejo.com/concurso-de-fotografia/ If you cannot understand Spanish, please contact Juan Compañ, Coordinator of the Environment Department of Colmenar Viejo: juan.compang@colmenarviejo.com

Location Colmenar Viejo

Web: http://ecolmenarviejo.com/concurso-de-fotografia/

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