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South West Landscape Forum 2015

October 11-13, 2015


Location Porto, PT

Web: http://www.civilscape.eu/

Baltic Landscape Forum 2015

Sepetmeber 11-12, 2015

Subject: The Baltic Landscape Forum will focus on the change processes of our marine and coastal landscapes around the Baltic Sea. Our coastal and marine landscapes are a shared resource and a shared responsibility where different values meet, i.e. cultural, ecological, aesthetic, social and economic. The European Landscape Convention (ELC) is an instrument for ensuring a richer life environment, where landscape diversity is managed sustainably. In this context the sometimes different perceptions of local people, visitors and tourists are a key how these landscapes can be used in a sustainable way. In this way the Baltic Landscape Forum will be a important stakeholder event for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on local and regional level.

Location Riga, LV

Web: http://www.civilscape.eu/civilscape/content/en/events/pages/1408780182.xml

9th IALE World Congress

July 5-10, 2015

Subject: Meeting Theme: Crossing Scales, Crossing Borders: Global Approaches to Complex Challenges The 2015 World Congress is a joint meeting between the International Association of Landscape Ecology World Congress (WC) and the U.S. chapter of IALE (US-IALE), and will be held at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in Portland, Oregon, July 5 - 10, 2015. The theme is: Crossing Scales, Crossing Borders: Global Approaches to Complex Challenges. The meeting will bring together nearly 1,000 leaders in landscape ecology from around the globe, including educators and practitioners in the fields of geology, ecology, biology, geography, and landscape preservation and design, dedicated to preserving and protecting our natural resources.

Location Portland Hilton / Portland, Oregon (USA)

Web: www.ialeworldcongress.org

MarineScpae Forum Piraeus 2015

May 26-27, 2015


Location Piraeus, GR

Web: http://www.civilscape.eu/

Central European Landscape Forum 2015

May 14-17, 2015

Subject: PEOPLE – EMOTIONS – LANDSCAPE – SOLUTIONS is an event reflecting a process of the formation of the sustainable society living along the Czech and German border in the former Sudetenland. The burden of the past personal and national history of this region left a significant mark in people’s hearts and the landscape structure. The border area has been a witness to destruction of many villages, churches, old historic roads, roadside crosses, peace stone markers, piped brooks, and so on. Many villages remain deserted with devastated cultural landscape. There is the complexity of the challenge we face today.

Location Plsen, CZ

Web: http://www.civilscape.eu/civilscape/content/en/events/pages/1408780166.xml

Extended Project Steering Commitee Meeting

26-27 January 2015

Extended Project Steering Commitee Meeting

Subject: Project partners gather to discuss about Cultural landscapes, EU policies and the role of the European Landscape Convention among others.

Location Berlin

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